name.Rory Arin MacIntyre
date of birth.December 22nd

dating status.Single
dating history.Non-existant.

occupation.Bartender @ Chances & a few other NY Bars.
birthplace.Barrhead, Scotland
residence.New York, NY

parents.Joseph Harrison, grandfather. Samuel MacIntyre, father, deceased. Jessica Harrison-MacIntyre, mother, deceased. Joseph Harrison Jr, uncle.
siblings.Skye MacIntyre, younger sister.
height.5 foot 6 inches
hair.Dark Brown
eyes.Light Brown
scars.scar across left hip from a fall as a child, clawing scars on right ribcage from bear attack, various scars on her back from falling out of trees.
tattoos/marks.right forearm,right thigh,left shoulder.
email.grimmdanger @ gmail
availability.evening & weekends.
pb.Crystal Reed
♱ Rory had a pretty comfortable life growing up, born and raised in Barrhead to a butcher and his American wife who's income fell somewhere between middle-class and poverty. Growing accustomed at young age at accepting the hand-me-downs from her cousins and family friend, Rory never made a big deal about what she desperately wanted to have. Her grandfather, the former Head Royal Huntsman for the King of America, always made sure his young grand-daughter never had to ask. Spoiling her from a far, and near when they visited, with literally anything she suggested having a want for. At 7, she asked for a bow like her mother's and the old hunter was all too eager to gift her something custom made for a child so small. Hunting instincts seemed to run in the family blood and Rory found drawing back that string just as easy as breathing. Along with her usual school-work she also competed in several archery tournaments as a child, she wasn't exactly a prodigy but did well enough place in the higher slots of the competitions.

♱ At 13, she began to take archery a bit more seriously and even went as far as requesting that her school start a team for the sport. The request was denied but it didn't slow her down in the least bit. Once she had a good handle on her abilities with the bow she moved along to firearms, a weapon she found horribly boring and only excelled in it to please her father and grandfather. Around that time she began working at the butcher shop with her parents, learning the in and outs of skinning and butchery just as well.

♱ Two years later she began taking winter trips to visit her grandfather in the Kingdom of America, often times going on hunting trips with him and learning what she could from him. The most notable trip involved a retreat in the forests of Idaho when the young girl got seperated from the rest of the hunting party and stumbled upon a grizzly. A person really doesn't know the real meaning of panic and terror until they come face to face with something that can tear them limb from limb and never blink an eye. By the time the party found her, Rory was near dead from a strike from the grizzly's claws on her torso, mere inches to the left and she wouldn't have survived. Managing to get her blade in the beast's eye and cause it's retreat to save her own life. Luckily they had a medic who was able to stabilize her long enough for the medical helicopter to retreive her.

♱ Some years passed and she never let her experience in the forests of Idaho dampen her love for archery or hunting, granted things were a bit more difficult during her healing time but she never gave up. When she was 17 years old her parents passed away during a housefire that Rory and her younger sister were thankfully not at home for, visiting a friend's house for the weekend. While Rory was old enough to care for herself, she couldn't possibly raise her 12 year old sister on her own and she began the process of contacting her family within the Kingdom of America to see if anyone would take them in. Her mother's brother gladly accepted the offer and welcomed his two nieces with open arms. Since Rory was already finished with her schooling she took whatever job she could to support herself without having to rely on her uncle completely.

♱ Rory still hunts when she can, or when she can get permission to, taking up most of her free time with continued training on her archery skills and showing an interest in learning more about self-defense and other weapons as well. Truth be told, she really doesn't know what she wants to do with her life. She has put in the word that she would either like to pursue a life within the Royal Huntsman or Royal Guard career but seeing females don't generally end up on the top of the list for either of those positions she isn't holding her breath with hope. Instead she landed a job working at a New York bar and rents a tiny studio apartment in the Innwood neighborhood, which she can barely afford but the ability to find supplement income is never hard to find.
Yes: rory is pretty much open to anything, living by the thought that you don't know if you don't enjoy something unless you try it. though she isn't the sweet and tender kind of girl, things have to be a bit on the rough side for her to enjoy it.

No: animals, underage, bathroom play, blood.